Hoover's API for Enterprise Applications

The Hoover's API enables you to custom integrate real-time, on-demand, quality information on companies, people and industries into enterprise-wide systems and workflows without storing the data.

Use Hoover's API to realize the full potential of enterprise-wide systems and applications by enriching existing and new data. Whether you are developing a new application for your organization or looking to add content to an existing enterprise system, Hoover's API can help you integrate Hoover's business information into your corporate workflow and ensure continuity among all related systems with one access point for all business information and contacts.

CRM Integration

Improve your sales team's productivity by leveraging our global database of more than 65 million public and private companies and 85 million people. Hoover's offers the breadth you need for targeted prospecting and the depth required for insight and stratetgic intelligence. 

With a custom CRM integration using the Hoover's API you can:

  • Find new prospects by creating targeted lists that meet your specific criteria
  • Enhance existing account or lead information with more than 50 data points
  • Export data seamlessly into your CRM through a custom interface
  • Identify cross-sell opportunities within your existing relationships with insight into corporate linkages
  • Automatically update data

If you have Salesforce, Oracle on Demand or Microsoft Dynamics, fill in the gaps in your CRM with Access Hoover's.

Corporate Intranets

Integrate data and processes from all areas of your organization. Use Hoover's API to get the benefits of real-time data such as detailed company overviews, executive contact information, competitive standing or employee growth. Providing the ability to stream the data into your intranet on demand, the Hoover's API eliminates the burden of hosting and maintaining an internal database.    


Enrich your Webform data to provide customer insight to your sales team, identify cross-sell/up-sell opportunities, target your best prospects and enable more efficient lead routing by integrating people, company and industry content into the internal work-flow systems that your employees use everyday.

Read more about the data coverage available with Hoover's API.

Accessing the Hoover's API production environment is not free, but it is simple. As your partner in business, we want you to be successful. Our business development team will work with you on the details of your contract.