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Version 3.4 released

This week, Hoover’s released the most recent version of Hoover’s API, version 3.4.  Over the last several months, Hoover’s has been releasing new data services and data points for our customers, such as:

  • ConnectMail (containing Jigsaw and Hoover’s direct email addresses)
  • News services
  • Financial data points, including complete balance sheet, income statement and cash flow
  • Personalization services
  • Social Media  links from Facebook, Youtube and Twitter for many of our companies
  • REST Services
  • Advanced Company Searches with optional data that allow you to customize the data returned

In the future, we will providing more data and more REST services which should enable you to develop new an interesting solutions with Hoover’s data.

More data points, better search

We are excited to announce the release of API 3.1. In addition to the 65 million company records and 85 million people records already available to you, the API team has added new data points and search functionality based on your feedback.

Know more about your customers. Whether you are qualifying prospects or building targeted campaigns, Hoover’s is adding depth to our database to help you be more successful. New data points include:

  • The number of PCs
  • Owns vs. rents
  • Manufacturing indicator
  • Square footage
  • Women owned business indicator
  • Minority owned business indicator
  • All DBA names

Get more out of Advanced Searches. We’ve enabled search by the D&B Marketing Prescreen Score for Company and People Build a List and added the ability to Build a List of industries. With new filter and search capabilities in Family Tree you can identify more targeted cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Filter by city, state, country, location type and record depth.

Stream richer information into your application with fewer API calls. Get the doing business as name and street address in company keyword searches.

At no additional cost, get more Hoover’s Industry information. Basic Hoover’s Industry information is now included in all API subscriptions.


To take advantage of this new functionality, we encourage you to migrate to version 3.1. Upgrading from a previous version of the Hoover’s API to the current 3.1 version primarily consists of updating the WSDL location and web service endpoint to the Hoover’s API 3.1 URLs, in addition to making some changes to your web service calls in accordance with the API documentation.

Announcing the D&B Marketing Prescreen Score

With the launch of Hoover’s API 3.0, we introduced several great new features. I want to call your attention to a brand new data point we are offering through the API: the D&B Standard Marketing Prescreen Score. Based on D&B’s market-leading analytics, this score predicts the likelihood of a firm paying in a severely delinquent manner (90+ days past terms) over the next 12 months.  Scores are calculated using statistical models and the most recent payment information in D&B's commercial database. Using this scoring system, a company is identified as High Risk, Medium Risk, or Low Risk.

This is a quick, cost-effective way to eliminate the riskiest prospects from sales lead lists and marketing campaigns. Pre-screening to reduce risk and drive ROI is a best practice in any economy, and it’s especially important today in order to improve salesperson effectiveness and to make the most of limited acquisition dollars.

Please note that the scores are useful for marketing pre-screening purposes only. The score is not appropriate for credit decisions for individual organizations.

You Asked For It, Here It Is!

We are excited to announce the launch of Hoover’s API 3.0, which includes a significantly greater number of international company and people records.

Highlights of this release include the following:

Expanded Breadth and Depth of Data

  • Doubled the number of company records, from 30 million to 60 million records, significantly expanding the number of international records
  • Increased the number of people records, from 44 million to 69 million

New Data Points

  • D&B Prescreen Score
  • Longitude and Latitude Location Information
  • Expanded People and Compensation Information
  • Primary URL

New Search Parameters

  • Search by Primary URL for the Advanced Company Search service operation
  • Search by Latitude and Longitude for the Advanced Company Search and Advanced People Search service operations

In addition, to the expanded data set and new features, we have improved the performance of the API.

Visit the documentation page for details about the new features and benefits of Hoover’s API 3.0.

We want to hear from you! Please continue to provide your feedback to us and ask questions through the Hoover’s API forum and blog.


We want to hear from you!

Please take a moment to fill out this brief survey to let us know what new features and functionality you would like to see from our API.

Development Environment Change

Greetings from Hoover's API Development Team.

Thank you for your interest in Hoover’s API. We hope you have found the information and documentation on HooversAPI.com to be useful as you investigate our API data elements and how you can easily incorporate Hoover’s information into your systems or products.

Effective August 16th, we introduced a change in the development environment that provides you with a representative sample of all of Hoover's records. No code changes are required on your part; you still have access to thousands of records reflecting all of the data elements we offer, so you can develop and test your integration. 

Please note that we have not reduced the number of records in our Production environment – in fact we continue to increase the data available and the number of records in Production. 

If you have any questions, or are ready to obtain a Production API key, please contact:

Jeff Gleason



Hoover's API Development Key Access Update

Access to your Hoover's API development key is available for three months. Because we are interested in your project and want to ensure you are maximizing Hoover's API, continued access is predicated on active engagement with our staff. While you will be notified as the three month deadline approaches, we encourage you to keep in contact with us. Reference our Terms of Use to review any restrictions associated with the API.

If you are incorporating Hoover's data into an application for resale or an enterprise application for internal use, pleast contact Jeffrey Gleason:
Jeffrey Gleason
Business Development Manager
Hoover's, Inc.
Phone: 800.486.8666 ext. 44760
Email: jgleason@hoovers.com

November 12, 2008 Release

Is that time again!

We are releasing new functionality on our Hoover's API. This release will occur on Thursday, November 12, between 5pm and 8pm. During this time, you may experience intermittent outages. There is no action required on your part as a consumer of the Hoover's API.


-New Web service FindCompetitorsByCompanyId. This new service will provide a list of competitors for a given company.

 -HitOffset only allows from 1 to 10,000. Anything over 10,000 returns a SOAP Fault instead of a timeout error.

Bug Fixes:
-If a DUNS (instead of the HCID) was passed in to GetCompanyDetail, the URLs, Top Executives and Fax Number would not return. Fixed.

 -When enumerations were added for orderBy and sortDirection, we no longer allowed blanks for these two elements. We want to have the API be robust so we protect against invalid/blank values and ignore them

 -In FindCompanyByKeyword - if a multiple word company was sent, the return value was generally wrong as the words where consider independent and not related. Keywords are now wrapped to better identified matches.

-When an 8 digit SIC code was passed in web service AdvancedCompanySearch , The service would not return companies that had that 8 digit SIC code. This issue has been fixed.

HAPI Releases and You

Today we made several updates to HAPI that may require you to update your application in order for it to work with our new release. Please see the release notes and documentation for details. We appreciate your patience during HAPI’s beta period and hope that you will continue to ask questions and give us feedback. 

Ramping Up in Beta

Today’s a big day at Hoover’s. We opened up our invitation-only beta to more developers. We also fixed some defects and added the remaining service operations, which means you now can access people information through HAPI. For details, check out the documentation and the release notes in the announcements section of the forum.

With this release comes a brand new development environment, enabling us to increase the number of beta developers. We want to make sure HAPI is stable and reliable; but keep in mind, we are in beta. While you can request a “Development API” key, it will not be activated unless you are a beta participant. Please continue to be patient with us as we ramp up during beta and add more users.

Most importantly, we want to hear from you. As you begin developing your applications, please let us know how development is going and if you come across any issues.  

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