Hoover's API Developer Blog

Development Environment Change

Greetings from Hoover's API Development Team.

Thank you for your interest in Hoover’s API. We hope you have found the information and documentation on HooversAPI.com to be useful as you investigate our API data elements and how you can easily incorporate Hoover’s information into your systems or products.

Effective August 16th, we introduced a change in the development environment that provides you with a representative sample of all of Hoover's records. No code changes are required on your part; you still have access to thousands of records reflecting all of the data elements we offer, so you can develop and test your integration. 

Please note that we have not reduced the number of records in our Production environment – in fact we continue to increase the data available and the number of records in Production. 

If you have any questions, or are ready to obtain a Production API key, please contact:

Jeff Gleason