Hoover's API Developer Blog

November 12, 2008 Release

Is that time again!

We are releasing new functionality on our Hoover's API. This release will occur on Thursday, November 12, between 5pm and 8pm. During this time, you may experience intermittent outages. There is no action required on your part as a consumer of the Hoover's API.


-New Web service FindCompetitorsByCompanyId. This new service will provide a list of competitors for a given company.

 -HitOffset only allows from 1 to 10,000. Anything over 10,000 returns a SOAP Fault instead of a timeout error.

Bug Fixes:
-If a DUNS (instead of the HCID) was passed in to GetCompanyDetail, the URLs, Top Executives and Fax Number would not return. Fixed.

 -When enumerations were added for orderBy and sortDirection, we no longer allowed blanks for these two elements. We want to have the API be robust so we protect against invalid/blank values and ignore them

 -In FindCompanyByKeyword - if a multiple word company was sent, the return value was generally wrong as the words where consider independent and not related. Keywords are now wrapped to better identified matches.

-When an 8 digit SIC code was passed in web service AdvancedCompanySearch , The service would not return companies that had that 8 digit SIC code. This issue has been fixed.