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Version 3.4 released

This week, Hoover’s released the most recent version of Hoover’s API, version 3.4.  Over the last several months, Hoover’s has been releasing new data services and data points for our customers, such as:

  • ConnectMail (containing Jigsaw and Hoover’s direct email addresses)
  • News services
  • Financial data points, including complete balance sheet, income statement and cash flow
  • Personalization services
  • Social Media  links from Facebook, Youtube and Twitter for many of our companies
  • REST Services
  • Advanced Company Searches with optional data that allow you to customize the data returned

In the future, we will providing more data and more REST services which should enable you to develop new an interesting solutions with Hoover’s data.


  1. nouha ghribi7 years ago

    Hi, Please i like to test the API Using postman , I insert the URL and http header ( username , password, API-KEY) , and always i have Developer inactive. can you help me please . Thank you

  2. Ian Faler5 years ago


    I have same issue. Every time i get Developer inactive when try REST API with username and password. I also tried with SOAP API call but get Login Failed Error.

    "FindCompanyByKeywordSoapFault exception: [SOAP-ENV:Client] Login failed"

    Used same username and password to login into the site and it's working fine so issue with the username and password.

    Please help me fix this issue.


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