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Hoover's Hears a Who

I suppose this blog should start out as any story should, at the beginning. The question is then, where is the beginning? For our purposes, it is May 2007. I had been with Hoovers for about a month when I noticed a small noise. It sounded a little like this:

“We are here! We are here! We are here!”

Not really knowing who “we” were or where “here” is, I did what product managers do; I asked if sales and marketing heard anything.

As it turns out, several people had. They were pretty reticent towards acknowledging this at first, no doubt afraid of succumbing to the hype of web services. One of them suggested to me that I simply ignore the sound. “If you put on your headphones, you don’t even notice it.” So I tried it...

“We are here! We are here! We are here!” 

The sound got louder and louder. It was reaching a crescendo! Finally, I sought out the oracle (my boss) who asked me “Did you bother to ask who they are or what they want?”

Smith - “Who are you? What do you want?”

“We are your customers. We are your partners. We are DEVELOPERS. We want API’s!”

Smith - “Right...Who is this REALLY?”

The developers were patient. They sent me here and there, and there and here. Along the way I met a few new friends. And finally we had an API to share.

Pleased with myself, I sat back and enjoyed all the new things that my friends – the customers and partners – created. Until one day, the voices came back.

“We want more. We want more. We want more!”

To be continued…