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Invalid uniqueIds...

    • qman
    • Topic created 8 years ago

    There seems to be a disconnect between the results returned by AdvancedCompanySearch and GetCompanyDetail. For example, I'm making the following query on AdvancedCompanySearch:

    {'companySize': {'salesFrom': 10.0}, 'maxRecords': 200, 'location': {'usZipCodeRange': {'to': '18705', 'from': '18705'}, 'countryId': 76}, 'hitOffset': 0}

    On of the companies that is returned is Franklin Security Bank, which has a Duns ID of 9619185. However, if I search for this Duns ID using GetCompanyDetail, I get the following error: 'Invalid uniqueId (9619185)'. Any ideas about what's going on? This use to work fine.

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