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Odd Behavior -

    • tlaporte
    • Topic created 8 years ago

    Hey all - I'm using the REST API. When I search for a company by the name of 'Harvest Meat Company' I get a JSON response of "Our Service Returned An Error!" (raw: {"error":[{"message":"Our Service encountered an Error!"}]})

    Here's the URL and JSON payload I am sending:

    URL: https://hapi.hoovers.com/HooversAPI-33/rest/search/company/advanced?hit_offset=0&max_records=5&sort_direction=ascending, Method=GET

    Payload: {"location":{"usStateCanadaProvince":["FL"]},"specialtyCriteria":{"companyName":"Harvest Meat Company"}}

    The wild thing is that I can send the company name as simply 'Harvest' or 'Harvest Meat' and receive results that I'd expect. I'm hoping this is an isolated incident...


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  1. tlaporte8 years ago

    Ignore the method=GET line, that's from my debugger.

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