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Stuck at the first hurdle!

  1. Hi,

    I'm new to the API, and to web services in general.

    I've downloaded the sample code, added PHP support to Windows IIS 7, set the sample up as a website, and put my Development API Key into the requisite spot in index.php.

    When I try and call a service from the page I get the following:

    GetPersonDetailSoapFault exception: [WSDL] SOAP-ERROR: Parsing WSDL: Couldn't load from 'http://hapi-dev.hoovers.com/HooversAPI-40/hooversAPI/hooversAPI.wsdl' : failed to load external entity "http://hapi-dev.hoovers.com/HooversAPI-40/hooversAPI/hooversAPI.wsdl" in C:\Inetpub\Hoovers\sample\index.php:113 Stack trace: #0 C:\Inetpub\Hoovers\sample\index.php(113): SoapClient->SoapClient('http://hapi-dev...', Array) #1 {main}

    Can anyone suggest what I might have done wrong?

    Thanks, Rob

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  2. Nagle7 years ago


    http://hapi-dev.hoovers.com/HooversAPI-33/hooversAPI/hooversAPI.wsdl OK

    http://hapi-dev.hoovers.com/HooversAPI-34/hooversAPI/hooversAPI.wsdl OK

    http://hapi-dev.hoovers.com/HooversAPI-40/hooversAPI/hooversAPI.wsdl HTTP status 404

    Looks like the WSDL for version 4.0 isn't up yet.

    Try developing for version 3.4 for now. Hoovers's support people, what's going on with 4.0?

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