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WSDL flaws in 3.4 and 4.0

    • Trevor
    • Topic created 7 years ago

    The WSDL file contains a flaw in 3.4 and 4.0 The following lines on every request type:

    1. <soap:header message="tns:ApiKeyHeader" part="parameters" use="literal" wsdl:required="true">
    2.         </soap:header><soap:header message="tns:UsernameHeader" part="parameters" use="literal" wsdl:required="false">
    3.         </soap:header><soap:header message="tns:PasswordHeader" part="parameters" use="literal" wsdl:required="false">

    Are inaccurate, insofar as I can tell, for ALL requests.

    All show username and password as optional. However, any call that does not require a username and password will fail when they are provided. Conversely any call that requires them does not have them as required.

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