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Get Company Detail Optional Data

    • John Budnik
    • Topic created 7 years ago

    I'm using the 3.4 API via/java/wsdl and trying to get to the socialmedia & top key execs data and have had some problems. The main issue is that I've setIncudeTopKeyExecs() to true and passed in to the list of socialmediatypes ALL and I haven't gotten any data returned for those fields in the response. Everything else looks okay in the response, I just seems there is no data for any company that I query for those datatypes. One issue that I noticed in the documentation for 3.4 is that the input suggests you use the OptionalResponseFields structure but at least via the wsdl that is the wrong class, the correct class seems to be OptionalDataResponseFields, correct? Is it possible that my key doesn't allow access to that data?

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  1. John Budnik7 years ago

    Just upgraded to 4.0 and I don't see any difference in the API in this regard or the results.

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