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Emerging Business Enterprise

    • RoyWilkinsResearcher
    • Topic created 9 years ago

    Provide emerging business enterprises with contracting opportunties by matching the business area code, zip code, NAICS code to the contract solicilations. This is research project to improve equitable business opportunities for business within United States. Currently, the Build List portion of Hoovers.com fails to match accurately with the businesses that we have obtained DUNS_NO, In addition, the criteria features returns 100,000 of records that are not useful to our initiatives. Ideally, the Roy Wilkins Center would like to query the Hoovers.com system using a combination of Company Name, Address, City, State, Zip, County, and download ONLY the records that match the query. This is extremely important due to the sensitivity of our work to provide equitable economic development for all businesses. We have also attempted to use the 5000 Duns.No interface of the Hoovers.com site which failed to recognize all the DUNS in the 'Add Criteria' section but would find perfect matchs when using the individual search. In short, the leadership would like to know if we purchase the API package would there be a better accuracy for getting the records we need without entering each Company Name manually into the Hoovers.com web interaface. In other words, will the API allow us Batch processing to match records that exist Hoovers.com system and download them in Excel format with more accuracy then the website interface.

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