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Release Notes 8/7/08

    • hoovers Admin
    • Topic created 13 years ago

    Our team is working to improve HAPI and fix known defects. Please read the latest release notes below.

    - With this release, we consolidated the two WSDLs into one (now called HAPI.wsdl). This change is to assist developers that use code generation tools such as Axis2's WSDL2Java and .NET's wsdl.exe.

    - In performing the consolidation, we have made some adjustments to types, namespaces and names where appropriate. This will require changes to your application, however it should have minimal impact to your code. The actual values sent in your request should not have to change.
    - The complex type UnsignedLong was changed to the primitive type unsignedLong
    - All Hoover's namespaces have been consolidated into "http://webservice.hoovers.com"
    - The following names of elements have changed:
    - \bal\specialtyCritera changed to \bal\specialtyCriteria
    - Company_Query.wsdl
    - SearchResultSet to CompanySearchResultSet
    - SearchResultHit to CompanySearchResultHit
    - SearchResult to CompanySearchResult
    - People_Query.wsdl
    - SearchResultSet to PersonSearchResultSet
    - SearchResultHit to PersonSearchResultHit
    - SearchResult to PersonSearchResult

    - HAPI now accepts G-zipped, or compressed, messages. If a request is sent G-zipped or compressed, the response returned also will be compressed.

    Defect Resolution
    - The defect related to zip area has been resolved.
    - The WSDL previously did not work with the .NET wsdl.exe tool. This has been resolved.

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