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403 Developer Inactive

    • peri076
    • Topic created 9 years ago

    Does this ONLY returned based upon username, password, api-key values?
    I am at a loss why I cannot get any of the services to play nice.

    BELOW is the RAW REQUEST being made:
    un, pw, key and unique id are made up for this post
    ** ENDPOINT = "http://hapi-dev.hoovers.com/HooversAPI-33"
    password: mysecretpassword
    API-KEY: abc123
    username: mysecretusername

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <GetCompanyDetail xmlns="http://applications.dnb.com/webservice/schema/">
    <uniqueId xsi:type="xsd:string">12345</uniqueId>

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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  1. Scottym7539 years ago

    The most common cause for a 403 Developer Inactive occurs when the API-key you are using is incorrect or inactive. For that specific API SOAP request, getCompanyDetail, and most other SOAP requests, the Username and Password are not necessary. Perhaps try removing the UN and PW from the call.
    The documentation will explicitly state next to the description of the request if it requires the un/pw.

    Scott M

  2. peri0769 years ago

    Thanks for the suggestion, Scotym753. Despite removing the username and password from the headers, the same response.
    My next step, I guess is to apply for a new api key. As unlikely as it sounds, I am only left with the "I have an api-key gone bad" scenario. I'll post my results.

  3. peri0769 years ago

    No dice. I have tried 2 different API-KEYs, with/without username & password. Is there anyone here that can
    help from Hoovers?

  4. mkelnar9 years ago


    Thanks for your question.

    Scott's comment above about the use of the un/pw is correct. Looks like the api key, with last 4 digits 3djx, is not active in our system. Did you activate it when you got the email after registration? If this is the development account you will be using, we can enable it for you. Please let us know.


  5. peri0769 years ago

    Mark - This is the account I would be using for a dev. purposes.
    Please advise when activating.

    Thanks in advance,

  6. Corey Hamilton9 years ago

    Hi Mark,

    It seems as though I'm having the same issue with my key status as 'waiting'. Is there any way for me to activate this?


  7. Scottym7539 years ago

    Hi Corey,

    I have looked into the account tied to your User, and your API key is currently not active in our system. It is now enabled and should be working appropriately. Please let us know if otherwise.

    Scott M

  8. Scottym7539 years ago

    Mike (Peri076),

    I have enabled your Dev API Key for this account and it should be working now. Please let me know if you are still having an issue with it.

    Scott M

  9. jdozier8 years ago

    Hi - I'm also getting this error while trying to use my API key. But under "My Account", the key is labeled as active.

  10. SearchVentures8 years ago

    I have the same problem with jdozier . But I'm using RESTful call

  11. Scottym7538 years ago

    jdozier -

    Sorry for the late reply. I do see that your API key is active, if you are still having trouble would you mind sending a copy of one of your API requests to apisupport@hoovers.com so that one of us can review what call is being made and how?

    SearchVentures -

    Unfortunately, REST calls are not available with the Dev API keys. I would encourage you to reach out to Hoover's directly for more information on obtaining a trial license for REST testing. Our Business Development Team is available by email at bizdev@hoovers.com.


    Scott Minter

  12. marlasantos8 years ago

    I am having the same issue as above. My developer key says it's active in my account information and I am simply using the sample PHP connect code given, but am getting the 403 developer inactive response.

  13. Scottym7538 years ago

    Hi marlasantos,

    I have checked your API key and you are active. Can you check for me that you are not passing a username or password field with your request?


    Scott Minter

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