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Apex class parsing WSDL fail

    • sonicwall
    • Topic created 10 years ago

    Hi all, i am now using the SFDC CRM system.
    I am using the inner apex class to call your API, but seems i always got the Error: Failed to parse wsdl: Unexpected element 'group' at: 3:50285.

    I am sure the position of the 3:50285. is <xs:group ref="ns10:CashFlow"/>


    Message edited by sonicwall 9 years ago

  1. TehNrd10 years ago

    This is probably a question for developer.force.com. The salesforce.com WSDL parser is notoriously bad and most people just end up constructing their own XML requests.

  2. jitendra9 years ago

    HI Sonicwall, By which solution you end up for this problem? I am also facing the same issue.

    Regards, Jitendra Zaa

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