Hoover's API FAQ

  1. What is Hoover's API?
    Hoover 's API is an application programming interface that allows you to stream reliable, on-demand business information into your enterprise-wide systems, or commercial software and web applications. Using Hoover’s database of industry information, 65 million company records and 85 million people records, you can deliver valuable business insight to your employees and customers.
  2. Why was the Hoover's API developed?
    By making Hoover's company, people and industry information available for companies to incorporate into enterprise-wide systems and for developers to incorporate into their applications, our expectation is that new, innovative ways to use and apply business information will be conceived and implemented.
  3. Who can access Hoover's API?
    Publishers, content managers, software providers and developers who want to integrate Hoover's data into a specific platform or application represent the primary consumers for Hoover's API.
  4. How can I get access to the API?
    First register for an account and then request an API key.
  5. Are there limitations or restrictions with the API?
    Access to your Hoover's API development key is available for three months. Because we are interested in your project and want to ensure you are maximizing Hoover's API, continued access is predicated on active engagement with our staff. While you will be notified as the three month deadline approaches, we encourage you to keep in contact with us. Reference our Terms of Use to review any restrictions associated with the API.
  6. What type of content is accessible through Hoover's API?
    The Hoover's API provides data on 65 million companies and 85 million people as well as First Research Industry information. For details, visit the Hoover's API Documentation
  7. Do I have to give Hoover's access to my Application and how do I do so?
    Depending on your proposed use of Hoover's data, an evaluation may be required to ensure the application is in line with the user agreement prior to its release. In most cases, applications that only use Hoover's data internally will not be subject to evaluation. Please contact our business development team or your account manager to discuss your proposal and begin outlining a user agreement for your application.
  8. What can I do with my Application?
    You own the intellectual property in your Application. However, the Terms of Use limit what you do with your Application to the extent that it includes any part of Hoover's API (including any Hoover's content, code or the API) (see Terms of Use ).
  9. How do I correctly attribute Hoover's?
    You must attribute Hoover's on each page of your Application using the following credit: “Powered by Hoover's”. The credit should link to www.hoovers.com. For more details on the use of the Hoover's logo view our Brand Guidelines.
  10. Who hosts Applications?
    You host your Applications.
  11. Are there circumstances which would terminate my access to the API?
    We may end your access to Hoover's API and take down your Application by disabling your API key. We may disable your API key if, for example, you violate the Terms of Use. Contact us if you have questions about the Terms of Use.
  12. How do I get started?
    Follow these simple steps to begin development:
  13. What if I have additional questions?
    Try our forum first for the fastest response to your questions.
  14. Where can I review the API Documentation?
    The API documentation is here.
  15. Where can I view sample code?
    The Documentation page contains links to sample code written in Java, .Net, and PHP.
  16. Where do I go for help?
    Check out the Forum, Blog and Documentation.
  17. If I receive an error message while working with the API, what do I do?
    If, while developing your application, you receive an error that you don't understand, you can post it to the forum to request assistance. A 403 error could be due to exceeding your daily allotment of API calls in the development environment. The default level is 250 calls per day in the development environment, but we review requests to adjust this limit on a case-by-case basis.
  18. Will Hoover's write the application for me?
    Hoover's does not currently provide application development services. We have made available an API that you can use to write your own applications.
  19. What are your plans for the API going forward?
    We're going to continue to add services that provide more information about companies, industries and people. We will update HooversAPI.com with new features that are included on our Hoover's API road map.
  20. I want additional features. What do I do?
    Please let us know your ideas by writing a message on the forum. We're eager to hear how we can improve the value of the Hoover's API for you. You may also send an email directly to our product team.
  21. What is ConnectMail?
    ConnectMail provides direct contact information for more than 7.5M contacts. Contact information can be email and/or direct phone number.
  22. Can I add ConnectMail contacts to my Enterprise applications
    Yes, with version 3.2 of the Hoover's API, you can now include ConnectMail contacts to your Enterprise applications. At this time, there is no support for ConnectMail as part of Product Integrations. To add ConnectMail to your account, please contact your Account Manager.
  23. How does ConnectMail work?
    ConnectMail contact information is available with all person search and person detail calls. To access ConnectMail contact information, you must have ConnectMail credits. These credits can be purchased with your account but are not covered by the Enterprise license. One ConnectMail credit will purchase the contact information (name, email and/or direct phone) for one person. Each contact that has ConnectMail information will be noted and professional title will be disclosed so that you can make a decision as to which contacts to purchase.
  24. Will my ConnectMail purchases be available through Hoover's Online or Access Hoover's?
    Yes. All purchases of ConnectMail contacts are recorded and available regardless of where you access the contact information. Once you purchase a ConnectMail contact, that information is yours.